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  • A Client success officer drives the 2gethr wagon to success making sure the wheels of community sales, experience (hospitality), and operational excellence run smoothly.
  • The role is uniquely dedicated to the management of the overall excellence of the location.
  • The Client success officer must have a speciality majoring either in sales, hospitality or
  • Operations, minoring in the other two disciplines.
  • Each Client success officer should employ the learning platform dedicated to honing their
  • skills of providing a seamless experience to the members and enhancing the 2gethr community experience.


As a Client success officer, a typical day might include the following:

  • Call a vendor for quotations on the menu for an upcoming event.
  • Update the Marketing team on the event calendar for marketing collateral.
  • Brainstorm with fellow community members to make the 2gethr community better and
  • more fun.
  • Interacting with the Facilitator Manager to oversee the inventory.
  • Brainstorms and shares ideas with the community manager. Proposes new initiatives.
  • Reports to the Community Manager every week and submits monthly development
  • reports.


  • A Client success officer is the face of the 2gethr community who narrates the core values of 2gethr to potential and existing members.
  • The role is dedicated to identifying the needs of members and offering them a customised experience.
  • The Client success officer must develop a tailored sales pitch based on research while ensuring that follows and closing requirements are met.
  • Client success officer should up-skill the 2gethr team to conduct tours and sales pitches during their unavailability.

As part of the daily Sales, a typical day might include some of the following:

  • Taking potential clients on the 2gethr tour and communicating the core values to get them on board.
  • Recommending locations to members as per their needs and expansion goals.
  • Networking with local organisations and groups to promote the 2gethr community and identify potential members.
  • Preparing weekly and daily overviews of prospective members and updating the 2gethr team during the weekly stand-up calls.
  • Following up with members for the timely payment of their invoices through the 2gethr app.


  • This role is the interface between the community members and the facility teams to redress grievances.
  • The Client success officer must streamline processes and optimise the performance of the location.

As part of the daily operations, a typical day might include some of the following :

  • Establish that all customer queries are raised through the app and resolved promptly.
  • Overall management of the facility team (housekeeping and pantry) while ensuring the
  • highest level of cleanliness.
  • Conduct quality control walk-through to address immediate issues and identify areas of
  • improvement as and when required.
  • Supervise the food and beverage standards and document the daily orders and receipt of
  • products from vendors.


  • The Client success officer should be the architect of a vibrant 2gethr community and ensure a rich member experience.
  • The role challenges the Associate to drive networking and collaboration amongst the diverse members of the 2gethr community while encouraging them to host events on their own.
  • The Client success officer has the opportunity to up-skill constantly through the 2gethr learning platform.
  • In-depth collaboration with other Client success officers is required to resolve problems and create a better community.

As part of daily hospitality/events, a typical day might include some of the following:

  • Curating, planning and executing events, workshops and sessions based on member interests.
  • Foster a symbiotic relationship with members and drive collaboration with them to achieve common goals.
  • Ensuring a seamless onboarding process for members and a gracious arrival for prospective members as well as guests of members without compromising security.
  • Conducting orientation sessions for the new members while introducing them to the core values, policies and processes of 2gethr and encouraging them to use the 2gethr application to address their needs.
  • Preparing incident reports for future referrals as in complaints, theft, property damage, fire, or any other notable incidences.
  • Partnering with Community Manager to ensure coaching and development of hospitality behaviour to the different teams as per requirement.
  • Developing a training schedule around hospitality behaviour to train the facility (HK and pantry, security) for seamless services.
  • Recommending best practices to Community Manager/Director including but not limited to community-member experience, sales, operations, events and training.


High action orientation, Information seeking, Collaboration, Partnership Management, and Communication (written and oral).


  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree strongly preferred in the field of Social Sciences/Psychology/Development/HRM/Events/Hospitality.
  • 1 to 3 years of work experience, either in a field operations/hospitality/eventseal estate/development sector role is a must.
  • Should have made significant and long-lasting contributions in his/her area of specialisation.


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