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This Job Listing is about Clime DAO in India

About the job

Clime DAO is hiring Web3 Customer Discovery Management Interns!

*Company*: An Web3/Blockchain Tech startup


*Type*: Paid Internship

*Stipend*: Rs 7000/ month

Performance Bonus: Upwards of Rs 30,000/- for each lead that converts into an enterprise customer



Web3 Customer Discovery Management Interns


Duration: 2 Months (possibility of extension based on performance)

Location : Work From Home

Working Hours : Flexible

*Working hours*: 40 hours/ week

*Join date*: As soon as possible



Management Undergraduate from Tier 1/2/3 management colleges


Job roles & responsibilities

1. Understanding deeply the start-up mission, product details, business model, revenue streams

2. Ability to understand market and identify potentials clients to target Leads and Sales Generation. Identify partnership possibilities which enable reach to customer

2. Work closely with the founder to help raise funding

3. Creating Product Presentation for customers and collaterals for start-up pitches

4. Interacting with Potential Customers for Demonstration and Presentation.

7. Conducting Research and Analyse Dataeports to Identify and Define Audiences.

8. Maintaining Accurate Records and Updating Database in Google Sheet daily.

Skills Required

  1. Presentation skills for start-up pitches and customer presentation
  2. Research skills and Business Communication Skills
  3. Ability to understand web3, tokenomics and interplay between web2 and web3
  4. Ability to manage time between priorities and tasks

*Internship Scope*:

1. Develop experience working on a sustainability/climate action project

2. Gain experience working at a Web3 blockchain based start-up

3. Certificate of Completion and performance bonus

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